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Welcome to Varun International

Enhancing the wearing experience with a comfortable and appealing range of Designer Men Socks, Designer Sports Socks etc, in unique designs and patterns.

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Varun International makes socks for every-day wear, varying in designs and fabric, but assuring maximum comfort. Our collection of Socks is for office professionals, for players, for teenagers, for every man, who likes to enjoy life in style, without compromising their comfort. The incredible softness, outstanding texture, and beautiful patterns are imperative to our range of Designer Men Socks, Designer Sports Socks etc, which are exclusively designed to provide comfort to modern, busy man. We were established in the year 1999 and since then we are working with dedication to present our men with extraordinary wearing experience with our comprehensive range of Socks. Our total monthly production capacity is up to 600000 pairs with which, we are able to meet the needs of suppliers who connect us with our end users. At our unit, we always work with a better approach wherein we dedicate our time and money to make every existing product, service, and process.

Socks & Shorts for People

In every kind of socks and cycling shorts, beautiful combination of exquisite look and innovative design is reflected for people from a different walk of life, such as teenagers, young, old, office goers, players, and more. We understand the requirements of individuals, and accordingly, come up with the novel design concept. Using advanced technology, we give breath to the concepts and layout, resulting in producing a collection that is stylish, comfortable, and durable.

Key Traits that Generate Demand for our Products

The demand for our products is continuously increasing because of the likeliness of our products among end users. This is because we have carefully noted the requirement of the users and comprehending the same, have designed products in compliance with the market norms. Below, we have mentioned some traits that have generated the demand for our socks in the market:

  • Soft cuff assuring gentle grip on the leg and feet 
  • Seamless designs of toes with cushion effect to reduce shocks during jumping and running
  • Enhanced thermal quality to heighten the comfort level
  • Cozy, cotton blend varieties to make it versatile, all-weather construction         

Our Emphasis

We, at Varun International focus upon quality traits, such as stronger, softer, precisely comber yarns and cotton fabric, in our range. When it comes to production, we lay emphasis on toe-heel, an area which is highly stressed upon, so as to enhance the longer life for our socks. Here, though we use soft fabric, we understand that feet need to be protected and so the socks must be of superb quality. To check the same, we carry out stringent testing to ensure our Socks are long lasting and comfortable to wear.

Environment Friendly Approach

When it comes to manufacturing, we never get out of focus while blending innovation and style without compromising the environmental concerns. We have a dedicated team to keep a check on this, working towards improving technology and driving a business forward.

Socks for Men from Every Walk of Life

We put in best possible efforts to create a perfect balance between sophistication & design and style & comfort.

Presenting the Best Product Forward

At Varun International, we always work towards offering the best quality products to the customers.

Minimizing the Carbon Footprint

As a manufacturer, we consider it as our responsibility to adopt environment-friendly traits that result in ethical trade movements.